12v LED strip Wi-Fi switch

What I would like is a small Wi-Fi switch that runs on a 12vDC power supply that could be used to control LED strips.

In addition to under cabinet lighting and similar use-cases, they could also be used to 12v solar or other offgrid applications.



I’ve used that magic home product with my Wyze motion sensors with both IFTTT and Home Assistant, and it works pretty well. I’d rather have a Wyze first party LED strip though!

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Would be great to have a stand alone 4 and 5 wire WiFi LED controllers to be used as a replacement for a broken controller with the Wyze Light Strips or for other LED brands. I had to go with 3rd party LED strips for the kitchen because I could not connect two ends of a cut Wyze light Strip together. With that, I would love to have a WiFi controller that can be used from within the Wyze app itself.