Wifi Light switch that can be worked/controled by the Wyze app?

I have a number of Wyze devices now and really love them! 3 cameras, 6 indoor plugs, 2 outdoor plugs and the sprinkler control. I’d really love to see Wyze come out with a wifi light switch. Are there any current wifi light switches available that you could control from the Wyze app?

To my knowledge no, but as an alternative, Google, Alexa, IFTTT?

I use Martin and Jerry smart switches they and WYZE devices can be controlled by Alexa.

Thanks for the info…I have been in touch with the Martin and Jerry folks. They have given me the model number that will work for what I need.
Touch Single Pole Dimmer:-


I have a lot of them, they work great with Alexa Routines and WYZE v1 sensors. Hope to have the same results with the v2 sensors once those are released.

Just as a side note, you do have a common wire in your switch box correct? It is required for the M&J switches.

Thanks…and yes I checked before I ordered the switch and I do have a neutral wire in that outlet box to connect to the new Martin and Jerry dimmer switch I ordered.
I just came in from looking over the location for my new Indoor/outdoor V3 Wyse camera. Going to mount it under the eave overlooking my driveway…going to have to fish the wire out to the location from inside my garage…BUT not a problem…I was with AT&T 32 years…part of that time in cable construction…so I have the knowledge, tools and skills to very easily do that…Thanks again!


As I understand WYZE has some smart switches in the development pipeline, but I am already in pretty deep with the M&Js. If WYZE gets them out before I am fully replaced to all smart switches, I will possibly give one or two a try :smiley:

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I will definitely get a switch or two when Wyze releases them. Would be nice if we knew what the specs would be, for example: Dimmer ability or single pole / three way support,

But I will try them out. :slight_smile:

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You might also want to look at this #wishlist item for a Wyze smart light switch and/or dimmer.