Power from a DC transformer for LED lights

To you electricians, can I power a Wyze V2 off the DC transformer that runs my LED patio lights? I know the lights are 24V and I think the transformer as 100w. I assume I would need something to set the right power level for the V2. Any ideas or a flat out “don’t do it” would be helpful, thanks.

You’ll need an adaptor to convert from 24VDC to 5VDC. One approach is to use a dashcam wiring kit, a common automotive accessory for powering dashcams and other 5VDC gadgets. There have been lots of articles posted on the forum on this approach. There are dashcam wiring kits available that will handle both 12V and 24V input voltages, which is what you’d need to use with a 24VDC LED light power supply.

kyphos - Thank You! Very helpful and clear.

If you go this route, be sure to get a dashcam kit with a microUSB plug. They are available in two versions: microUSB and miniUSB.

Hi…what voltage do the LED modules run on? I assume the Malibu puts out 12 volts DC (make sure it’s not AC).
So if the LED modules run on 12 volts DC, you would be fine. If not, you’d have to figure out what size resistor you would need to bump down the voltage to properly power the LED modules without blowing them.

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