I just bought 2 Wyze Cam v3 that are both defective

Amazon had them on sale for $19.98 each. I upgraded them both to the latest firmware. I put 2 new SanDisk 64gb cards in them.

The Playback button won’t work. I get the “MicroSD Card Not Found” message. The app won’t let me add them to Cam Plus Lite.

I started the return process.

Latest firmware:
Latest app: v2.50.2 (442) for Android

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The SD card issue has been an ongoing issue since february 2024, I have one of five V3 cams (My Newest from March 12 2024) that will not playback the SD from the events page but it will playback from life view. there are probably 30 post about the issue on the forum. For cam plus lite have you tried to add the cams by going to you my.wyze.com account to manage subscriptions, add the cams that way.?


+1 to Antonius’s suggestion to add the Cam Plus Lite subscription through the web portal and confirming the dreaded SD card playback issue… Just posting here to hopefully draw more visibility to these issues in hopes Wyze and @WyzeJasonJ can fix this.

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Check the forum. CamPlus and CamPlus Lite management is FUBAR. Cannot manage most of it from the web or from the app.

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Best solution at this point. Maybe try another batch to see if you can get a good one.

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