I have many question about how I able view wyze cam pan v3camera

So boyfriend want me go camp again with him in tree area behind where we live but they have deer & other animal live there. I want know if I take camera so I place outside tent so I able see if any animal come around tent when we sleep. I have 64gb sd card in wyze cam pan v3 I buy. There no wifi in forest, Many question I have.

  1. Can I view live feed from camera in app if no wifi?
  2. Do wyze camera have own wifi like hero camera?
  3. If wifi required, how I use hotspot so I able view live feed.
  4. What is point is camera if power go out and no wifi avalable?

Xiexie thank to anyone who able help.

The Wyze cam pan V3 requires internet to be able to live stream. You can connect it up to your phone hotspot if no wifi is available. Just set your phone’s hotspot to broadcast on the same WiFi name and password it was set up under, or you can set up the camera again on the hotspot’s name and password.

They aren’t intended to be used without WiFi. There are other cameras out there that do this, but Wyze is a cloud-dependent company.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Yisu! :raising_hand_man:

Not only does the cam need a WiFi Network connection, but that WiFi network must also have an Internet Connection.

No. They must connect to a WiFi or Hotspot WiFi Router that is connected to the internet.

As @carverofchoice mentioned already, you can use your Phone as a WiFi Hotspot for the cam, but the initial setup is tricky as you will need another phone or tablet with the app connected to your phone Hotspot to do the initial cam network setup.

If power outages are an issue, some users have installed redundant backup power supplies like a UPS for their cams, WiFi Routers, and ISP equipment.

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