I have a new android phone and cant see my cameras after transferring my apps?

I transferred my apps to a new android phone but cant see my cameras anymore.

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  • What version of the Wyze Android App are you using?
  • What is the Android OS being used?

The app can reside on more than one device, so no need to transfer. Easiest thing to try is to start the app, go to Account, scroll to the bottom and select Sign-Out.

Then Shut the app down and then lets clear the cache by doing the following:

  • Long Press on the App Icon
  • Select App Info
  • Tap on Force Stop to make sure it is closed
  • go to Storage and Cache and clear Cache
  • Close this window down

Then start the app and logon with the same account you used on the othe phone and see if the camera’s appear. Note, you will not see the camera thumbnails until you do a live stream.

If this does not work, then I would remove the app and install it again.

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Thanks in advance for the quick and detailed response. I don’t know what version of the app I am using, it must be the latest one since it looks like the only one that pops up on my play store. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone.

Not a problem: To get the version, start the app, go to Account > About. The version will be at the top where the logo is.

You can do the other steps provided and see if that corrects the issue. It is important that you use the same account you utilized on the other phone

I am trying will post results.

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I cleared the cache on the old phone because the new phone doesn’t show the app (v2.27.33) anywhere but the play store when I search for it. Should I delete it from the new phone and reload it?

Yes, Lets get to the same baseline with the new phone.

Delete the App from the phone and the restart the phone (this is only to ensure all information is cleared out). The go to the Google Play Store and install the Wyze App Again.

Log in to the app on the new phone and utilize the same UserName and Password.

This should be the main thing that is necessary, are you doing this?

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I can’t turn my phone off because the stupid Bixby shows up. Trying to get rid of Bixby.

You shouldn’t need to turn your phone off to enter the same user ID & password into the logon for the app as you did on the other phone.


You’re a genius! I will try reloading the other apps that stopped working. Now if you could only get rid of Bixby, all suggested methods failed.

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Not sure what Samsung device you are on but give this site a shot.

If it’s not there just google disable bixby with your Samsung model.