I got a security message on my phone today

I got this message today when I unlocked the home screen. I’ve never seen this before and wyze cams are the only ones I have. Anyone else get this?

Are you using the wyze cameras as a Webcam? If not, then that alert is probably triggered by a malicious app on your phone. Have you downloaded any new apps recently?


Tight response. :+1:


Yep, totally agree with this response.

To the OP: Wyze V2’s cams do have a special webcam firmware you can flash them to in order to use them as a webcam, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then this isn’t applicable to you, you would definitely know. It’s pretty guaranteed this is absolutely not talking about your Wyze cams.

From searching online a little for you, I have learned that this message is a common bug with Huawei devices. Are you using a Huawei phone?

There are also reports that sometimes this message is trying to trick you into infecting yourself with a virus. When it is coming from something like Avast Antivirus integrated with Huawei/EMUI devices then it is known to usually be a false positive.

I read that you can usually fix this by updating the virus database:

Open the “Optimizer” app, that should have shipped by default with any modern Huawei smartphone. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to open the settings dialog.

The last option in that list is called “Online Virus Scan”. If the last update was many days ago, you can manually update by tapping “Online Virus Scan” and selecting “WLAN only”.

My money is on the fact that you have a Huawei phone with integrated Avast giving you false notifications just like 99% of the other people who are discussing this message online.

Either way, rest assured that it’s got nothing to do with your Wyze cams.


Well, I’m curious. I hope @Lm231 lets us know how it turned out. :slight_smile:


I am using a Huawei phone. Thank you for the information.

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Hi there. I am using a Huawei phone. That was the only time I have received the message. The same day, I got a red banner notification when logging into the wyze app saying problems connecting to server, please try again later. It has been happening every time ever since that day. I’ve logged in using other devices. It does not have the same error message.

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