I found water in my SD card slot

 So a couple days ago one of my v3 cameras disconnected and I couldn't get it to reconnect. I unplugged it and brought it inside to troubleshoot. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing seemed to work. So I decided to take out the micro SD card and then try it. Once I took the card out I noticed a couple small spots of moisture on it. I looked at the slot it was in and there was a small line of water outside the slot, presumably from me taking the card out. So I say to myself, ok THAT'S NOT GOOD. So I kept it unplugged and set it in a warm spot to dry out. I plugged it back in this morning and tried to set it up as a new camera. Everything worked fine, saw the camera image, then "Ready to connect". I swear it started having a seizure because it just kept repeating itself, so I unplugged it and waited a lil bit and tried again. This time it started off having it's "Ready to connect" seizure, sometimes it couldn't even get the whole sentence out!  So again with the unplugging and waiting. This time seizures again, then I moved my finger on the back power cable to hold it directly and the seizure stopped. I moved my finger it started again. Put my finger back and I got all the way through setup, then back to"Ready to connect" seizures, asked my finger never moved. 
 So here's my question to y'all. Do you think it needs more time to dry out, or maybe it's a wiring issue? Is there a safe way to open it and still be able to use it later?  Thanks in advance for anyones help.

This hard to read! Why is it formatted this way?

Was this V3 installed outside and exposed to rain?

Shake it like mad. Disassemble it if you are comfortable doing so. Then put it in a bag with silica gel packs or Damp-Rid. Don’t use rice - that is bullshot and it doesn’t absorb moisture from the air.

Was the door over the DD card slot?
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