Can't reconnect after putting in SD card

Hi all,
I unplugged my camera, put in a micro SD card (that seems the be the one others use successfully), plugged my camera back in, and went to the device’s local settings – but the camera did not recognize the SD card AND it says the device is offline. What are my next steps?

I had a similar experience. I tried performing setup again per the instructions (using button underneath) and it did connect the third time I tried it. Don’t know why it didn’t seem to work the first two times. It is all working fine for me now. Hope this helps…

Try formatting it on your computer in FAT32 format.

I have 4 WYZE CAM V2 and had a similar problem. All connected and worked fine without cards but when cards were added it was challenging to get them to connect and work reliably. Used 3 different brands of cards with appropriate speed ratings (32 Bbyte SanDisk, Lexar and Kingston), After many tries and trying different things all seem to be working now. Two things that I think were key factors:

1 starting all over by doing a factory reset on the cam, reconnection, etc.
2 Doing a reformat using the SDA Format Application(not Microsoft App)
SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association

I found that using the Microsoft App in Windows 10 didn’t necessarily fix the problem. Based on my experience there appears to be issues when using MicroSD Cards with these devices. I don’t know if using the MicroSD Card that WYZE sells eliminates the problem. My devices have now been running for about 4 days with issues since “resolving” the problems. Other than that issue the devices have functioned without any hick ups.