Frustration: Cannot Reconnect Wyze Cam V2

I have 3 groups of Wyze Cam perfectly running until today. My Phone is Samsung Note 9 . In group 2, Wyze Cam V2 after I installed Sandisk 128GB micro SD cards, formatted them everything worked fine. Then one camera would not initialize and turn on. I tried turning all cameras on and off, rebooting phone, rebooting camera but to no avail. I tried removing SD card and re-initializing camera but kept getting message that phone location was not turned on. It was. I tried going through the process 6 times. Finally got past that error message but now it tells me that my WiFi is not accessible and to go to settings but with no specific info. WiFi is enabled and I recently added additional phones including the one I am having trouble with 2 weeks ago without any problems.

Any concrete suggestions since I am about to return the phone.

I tried deleting the camera from my phone and reinstalling it but no success. I somehow got past no WIFI error but it keeps telling me that the phone location is not enabled but that is false.

I finally was able to get the camera to initialize and work. Finally. One issue was that when I put the SD card back it the camera failed again. So I switched SD cards with the one in my kitchen and now all cameras are working and recording fine.

I am very happy!!! Now I am going to get some Chocolate Truffle Non-Diary Desert.

Are the micro SD cards that quirky whereas one would work in one camera but not another???

Thanks everyone and have a nice day.

Sandisk cards are not very good, Wyze does not support cards larger thane 32 GB because that is the limit of the file allocation table (FAT). Many of us use larger cards but they may not always work,
Many threads on here about SD cards @Bam has some good lectures on them.


Thank you for response gemniii. Yes I can understand that cards larger than 32GB may not work but I have always found Sandisk cards to be very reliable. I have never had any SD, CF, USB ever fail. Have a nice day.

someone hath summoned me… thanks @gemniii

hey @Secure17 I’m the local card nerd on the forums :slight_smile:

you are correct that sandisk can be reliable. but it depends on the use.

the best analogy I can think of off the top of my head is a bike tire. they are very durable and reliable but only as long as they are used properly. put the best bike tire on an improper application, say a car, and that reliability is right out the window.

regular sandisk cards are not meant for our particular application, the company goes as far as to state this in their warranty, that use in our cameras actually voids their warranty.

for an application such as ours that is video based, you want a card that is rated for continuous video…enter the wonderful world of endurance cards. being a maven and the card nerd have been looking for any instance of an endurance card failing so that I can spread that knowledge and have not found a single report of an endurance card failing. everyone that has used them has had a good experience. for our use, its definitely the way to go. if you have any questions, feel free to PM me so we don’t hijack this topic.