I found a solution to a VERY common issue (Disconnecting/Clicking/Not able to connect to network)

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I have been using Wyze cams for a little over a year now. I noticed one of my cam’s started clicking constantly, which was clearly the relay in the cam. I figured it was the IR detection and it swapping from night vision/normal camera. I was wrong. The real issue is the camera is disconnecting and re-connecting constantly, and possibly trying to write to the local SD memory?

From some research online, I could not find a definite answer on how to fix this, and nothing pointed to the SD card. It seems very common with the Cam v2.

I noticed something interesting, the problem did not happen if the SD card was not in the camera after a factory reset.

I found the solution is as follows:

1. Remove the SD card

2. Unplug wyze cam

3. While holding the button on the back of the camera, plug the camera back in and continue to hold until it asks for the QR code

4. Setup the camera as a new cam BUT DO NOT INSERT THE SD CARD

Did this fix your issue? It fixed mine. So the SD card was the issue. I tried to format this card on the camera and it “successfully” formatted after failing a few times, although it said the memory was still full… so clearly, it did not actually re-format the disc. The problem continued.

Next steps:

1. Plug the micro SD into a computer, I know this is an issue for most people. I happened to have one of theseCanaKit Micro SD reader ($6) laying around at work so I tried it out, worked great.

2. On a MacBook, i used disc doctor utility to re-format to MS-DOS(Fat32). Can be done on any PC.

3. Ejected the SD card and threw it in the wyze cam, all issues with connectivity and clicking are gone.

Hope this helps someone and also hopefully the Wyze developers see this! I work in software as a mechanical engineer, so I have a general understanding of how this may have happened. Things happen, my guess is a firmware update possibly bricked the SD card and needed something external to re-format. Regardless, please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Found on: FW Version:

Edit: I can’t get USB and SD straight to save my life.


Wow. This could be very useful info. I hope I gets shared. I just got my wyze2 yesterday and didn’t have this exact issue but did notice that it clicked alot. I think mine just clicks everytime it senses motion and the camera activates something inside there. Not really sure though. Also noticed that the unit seemed to get quite warm very quickly. Do you know if this is normal. I was reading of some people’s micro SD card melting and it has me a little worried.

Mine gets pretty warm, but it only clicks when going from night vision to normal camera from my experience. any more you have an issue, this one camera was in my bedroom and it would wake me up it clicked so much.

I agree with this.

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Great info! Thanks for sharing and hopefully this will help others that are experiencing this same issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! Ordered a replacement and had the same issues not knowing it was connected to the SD card.

Great info. I’m going to check it in one of mine that I have problems with. It’s using a non HE card and that might be the issue. Of course, it’s also the one requiring a ladder to get to.

This is awesome info. Does it matter the size of the card or the brand or speed of the card? I am currently using larger storage cards I think from sandisk

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Just in general about SD cards, be aware that Wyze only supports up to a 32mb card. That being said a lot of folks report using larger successfully.
The current recommendation on video cards as opposed to data only cards is to use High Endurance cards due to the constant write/rewrite cycles. - more here: Info on High Endurance Cards. I use these but many others are available.
A good rule if thumb is also to go ahead and format even new cards in a PC. This is the SD card Association recommended Memory card formatter


Thank you for the beautiful information because I was wondering what all the clicking was about. I don’t use computers that much anymore. I buy Samsung Notes to do everything on my phone. I don’t even have a TV, well I have one I just don’t look at it. I don’t turn it on and it’s in a different room in case I have company. My question is can I find out what’s on an SD card without a PC ? Is there any way that I can buy some device that will allow me to see it on my phone?