I can’t connect to my camera

My camera says it belongs to another address and I can’t reset it, what can I do

Is your camera a Battery Powered WYZE Cam Outdoor?
Where did you purchase the cam from. If you purchased from a private party or someplace other than the WYZE web site you may have a problem.
The cams with a Base Station the WCO version 1 and version 2 must be deleted from the previous account holders account before they may be set up again. It does not have to be stolen but if not deleted from a previous account you can’t use it.


Is this a new to you camera? Where did you buy this camera? Did you have this camera previously?

I see you tagged this topic the Wyze Cam Outdoor, and that camera has a “theft feature” where it needs to be removed from an account before it can be added to another account. But need more info about your history with this camera to be able to troubleshoot.