Hummingbird settings

I have my camera set up less than 2 feet from the feeder. I have the detection level set to close and high and set the detection area on the feeder area. I sit here and watch hummingbirds come to the feeder but they do not trigger an event recording. What am I doing wrong?

Is the feeder within the blue shaded area “detection zone”? Photos of your setup so we can see how it’s setup currently, and offer suggestions?

Also, check out this topic for ideas:

Your camera is outdoors correct? Set the camera to far and check the PIR Zone and see if the feeder is in it (Blue shaded area). This cam is watching the critter water bowls.

Here is a screen shot showing the camera view, the settings, and the detection zone.

I would start with the your setting sliders maxed out, then back off from there to find a sweet spot of your liking. You may also want to either move the camera closer to the feeders, or the feeders closer to your camera.

@AnnWithAPlan , what do you think of this users setup? Any ideas to improve?

Since a WCO is being used I would also set both distance and sensitivity to 100 and turn the cam to the left 1/2 - 1 inch so it is pointing more at the star I put on the tree. The cams have a wide field of view 130 degrees.

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I haven’t had to use those settings. But I’m guessing if you set it too close it’ll only lock onto large things. If you set it to far, then I’m guessing it’ll lock onto smaller things, and maybe the hummers will be detected.
Im using a defective V3 about 6-8 inches from the feeder because only things close to it are in focus. When I used the V3pro, I could get about a foot away and it would catch the hummers. I havent tried it farther away than that though.

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I have moved the detection distance to the maximum and moved the camera closer. Let’s see what happens! :grinning: :bird:

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@AnnWithAPlan , thanks for the input, for some reason I thought you had a WCO for your birdy vids. :slight_smile:

@Antonius , thanks for the suggestion, looks like the change were made by the OP. How good do you think the PIR will work with the little hummingbirds?

That is a good question. I think if they fly back and forth across the field of view it might work. Since they like to hover in place a lot with just short side to side movements it will be interesting to see if it works.

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Ah ok. Nope. I used to have it sitting on my bird feeding station, and taped thin, rubbery construction sheets to it so rain wouldn’t drip on the lens.
Can you see it behind the curtain up in the corner?

I pulled the curtain back to show how close the cam is.

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My mistake. I read WCO and my brain read Wyze Camera Outdoor. Geez. So far, no events.

Isn’t that what WCO means?

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WCO is the abbreviation for Wyze Cam Outdoor. Which is what you tagged this topic with and is the camera shown in your screenshots that you are using.


On my Wyse Cam Pan v3 I have Motion Detection Sensitivity set to 50% and the Detection Zone set to Off.

I record to the SD card.