Cam outdoor detection zone not trigging

I have the most recent Cam Outdoor firmware which allows the detection zone to be customized by selecting tile by tile. Am trying to capture when a neighborhood cat comes to eat in the zone but more importantly when the racoons or opossum come calling to raid the cat food. Problem is that the cam is not triggering. Have played with the sensitivity and distance (actual camera is about 10 feet to the side from the target) to no avail. Is a small animal just not as easily detected at that distance. Have another Cam Outdoor set-up looking down from about 3 feet and it seems to be working OK.

Squirrels run up and down the railing on my deck all day long and are never detected, which is good in my case. The PIR detection method in the Outdoor cam is different from the pixelation method used in the other cameras. A V2 or V3 would provide better results in general as regards critter detection. Otherwise the Outdoor cam will have to be much closer to critters in order to detect them.

Thanks. This seems to make sense given the one Outdoor Cam is only about 3 feet away form the target area frequented by the cats, racoons and opossum whereas the other Outdoor Cam is mounted further away although that Cam seemed to pick-up some of the animal movement in earlier firmware versions but not as much now. Maybe the detection has been de-sensitized. Seems like the latest firmware versions not only allow farthest distance and most sensitivity to be set along with targeting the camera so the desired zone is within in the green rectangle but now also allows one to block out the tiled detection area. The later seems to contradict the set green rectangle area so I’m confused as to which one to believe. Not sure a how all three sets of settings interact yet but would think being 10 feet away, highest sensitivity and distance detection, having the target in the rectangle, and tiled out detection zone would ensure capture. If I stick my handle slightly into the zone, I get a trigger so not sure why a larger animal in motion wouldn’t.