Managing detection setup on Outdoor Camera

I’d like to detect and record people allowing their dogs to urinate and defecate on my lawn adjacent to my driveway.

After setting up the WOC with the setting shown below, I walked back and forth, parallel to the road, starting on the road, at progressively closer distances to the garage door.

I didn’t get one detection.

I walked from my garage out to the driveway (perpendicular to the road) to take one of the photos below, and I get detected.

Both my distance and sensitivity settings are at 100. How can I detect people (motion) moving from left to right (and visa-versa) within the detection zone?

I’ve setup my WOC above my garage door, adjacent to the gutter.

Here’s the view from the WOC:

Here’s a screen shot of my detection settings:

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Same for me, mounting is fine, position shows the zone and a clear picture. I did notice a very small thin plastic covering on the lens and sensor and removed that hoping it would help, but it didn’t.

even though you are suffering the same as many of us, the one adjustment I’d suggest is to tilt it up further to put your entire lawn (maybe even some of the road) under the horizontal blue line. I’ve noticed the PIR really favors the lower 1/3 on mine.

Here is a more realistic look at what a PIR detection zone looks like.
The max detection range depends on so many variables it is hard to estimate. Most of the PIR sensors don’t claim a distance of more than 30 ft.

[“What is the range of PIR Sensor?
10 metersfactors-that-influence-the-reach-of-a-pir-sensor-system
Since PIR sensors have ranges of up to 10 meters (30 feet), a single detector placed near the entrance is typically all that is necessary for rooms with only a single entrance.”]

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Thanks. I tried that adjustment but so far no luck. Before that it detected me once and showed the event only when my face was right next to the lens.

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I’m having the same issue / im on the third story of a building and trying to capture people coming into the gate and in my yard and people coming up my driveway - the detection setting and distance settings are confusing and unusable =(

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I doubt (but don’t actually know) that the WOC will ever be sensitive enough to be reliable at detecting motion that far away. Most likely will trigger occasionally from tree and leaf motion.
You might want to try the Tinycam Pro app with a V2 cam. You can tailor multiple detection zones for each camera.

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Agreed with last response, PIR sensors usually only detect to about 30/40ft best case scenario.

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