Detection distance best set up

Good morning to all.where is the best position to set the detection distance if I have my WOC for my driveway above the garage door.
Thank you,very much

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How far away is your router or switch?
I suggest no more then 50 feet.

Thank you so much for responding,but I was talking about what is the best setup for the detection distance on the detection settings when the WOC is placed on the garage driveway

The PIR sensor is how the camera detects motion so keep that in mind. If you go to the camera, then detection settings, you will see the two sliders for sensitivity and detection distance. You’ll also see the blue box. Make sure that anywhere you want motion detected is in that box.

thank you,very much

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Once setup, id suggest testing out your setup to find the best settings. Try different slider settings when you are walking through different distances in your driveway and pick which works the best.

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