Detection Settings for Using Wyze Cam Outdoor as a Trail Cam

Title says it all, but I’m struggling to find the right detection settings to capture any animal (coyote, fox, mink, trash panda, etc.) cruising around our pond. Facts are as follows:

  • Camera set back 10-15 ft from edge of pond
  • PIR image runs up to edge of pond
  • Detection zone is on and set for area up to edge of pond
  • Sensitivity is set to 100, which I think captures more vs. less
  • Close/Far set to 20…what does this mean? If it’s distance in ft maybe I need to set it to 12 or so

Screenshot below of settings including PIR area. Any guidance greatly appreciated!

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Have you tried turning off the detection zone? Looks like the whole picture is covered anyway.


I agree with @wildbill, turn off Detection Zone. In addition, I would set the detection distance further. I have my set to 100 for both the Distance and sensitivity.

However, what do you have the cool down set to? This is located under event recording.

If you have CamPlus you can set the Cool Down time and recording length. I have mine set to 30 seconds and 2 minutes respectfully.

If you don’t have CamPlus you would then only have the Cool Down setting. I set mine to 1 minute. I have 2 WCO’s one with CamPlus and one without.

Are you getting any notifications or events?

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Thanks! Just turned detection zone off and upped distance to 100. Will report back.

I don’t have cam plus so I’m at 1 minute.

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