Hummingbird is not triggering Wyze Cam v3

New Wyze Cam v3 user. Does anyone have tips on getting camera to capture hummingbirds visiting my feeder within the camera view? My husband and I both saw them at dinner last night yet no events recorded. Camera is on the latest firmware and on 100% motion sensitivity. Feeder is 8’-10’ away from camera. Is the feeder just too far away?

A little earlier this afternoon, a fly triggered the camera (green box around fly). It just so happened to be the same time as a hummingbird (no green box).

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It’ll need to be closer to work in that location I bet. What are your sensitivity and detection settings?

Motion sensitivity is 100. I will try moving feeder closer. Thanks.

My thought as well. The object is such a small part of the image that it is not detecting the humming bird.

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UPDATE: moving the feeder a couple feet closer did the trick. Wow was I surprised today to capture 25 clips of visits to the feeder! I was used to catching only a few glimpses during the day/evening when I walked by.