How sensitive is Wyze Camera 3 motion detection

I am curious what others have for experience with motion detection (while I wait for Wyze help to provide real help other than the scripts to check everything, manually update firmware, and slow responses)

I have a camera aimed at my house, about 55feet to the peak of the roof. My hope is to be able to detect when some annoying birds land on my gutter (or anywhere). At 50’ these crow sized black birds are rarely detected…, even when flying against the bright sky.

I have attached here are two short videos as an example. Quick Share

Does anyone find they can detect this kind of motion, or am I being wishful?


I think you are being wishful with present software. When they advance further into AI you might be able to “train” the camera to notice crows, but right now the crows may not take up enough pixels to set off detection.

I would agree that it is not likely that you will reliably be able to motion trip at that distance. A couple options. First is can you get the camera (or cameras) closer? The second requires some surgery on the camera. Replace the lens with a more telephoto lens. Search here on the forum will find information on lens replacement. Something I have planned, but not yet done.

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It should work. I have the inverse setup on a v3 cam. Cam is near peak looking down, motion sensitivity set to 65. It catches birds, squirrels, etc. moving across the view around 50’ from the cam. The key is motion sensitivity setting to subject size and subject contrast moving against background. Dark bird moving against light background in your examples should be no problem triggering an event. What is your motion sensitivity set to and do you have Cam Plus?