Hub Settings Save?

Wyze Hub with indicated current v4.32.11.365 firmware (Plugin v2.32.0.2) appears to NOT save “Hub Settings” changes. Device Name change is allowed but “Volume” and “Status Lights” reverts back to defaults (Low, ON) after settings screen exit. All other “Device Info” appears correct. Hub connected via Ethernet.

Reset, deleted, re-added Hub - No affect.


I have the same FW version but my plugin is
I never observed the issue you describe and settings are properly saved.

Wondering why my plugin is so “old” though. Are you running a preview version?

App lists Hub firmware as current. And AFAIK no provision for forced Check or Update.

All worked fine before Jan 3rd when Entry Sensor went off-line and has refused to reconnect. Running Hub system as stand-alone, with Wyze Monitoring subscription.

I have the same Firmware and Plugin version you have, also connect by ethernet cable (not wifi), and changes to the name, volume, and status lights can be changed and the save works with no problems. The next time I go to the hub properties, the changes from last time are there.

I am using the Android app, version V2.38.1 (161).

I do not have a Home Monitoring Subscription though.

@B57 Exact same everything here… Very strange, especially when considering the known, but supposedly fixed, sudden (Jan 3rd, start of new year) “Off-Line” of Entry Sensor to Hub that revealed this issue. Guessing related somehow…