HP Computer and Wyze subscription

I am looking into subscribing to the yearly $99 but wondering if I do if I will be able to keep the cameras up on my HP. After a few hours, I currently have to log back in to see the cameras. I have an I-Pad but it only shows up to 4 cameras at a time and I would like to be able to monitor all 10 cameras from my HP PC. Is there any way to do this without logging back in every few hours?

I assume you are wanting to use the PC for watching via Wyze Web View for your cameras on CamPlus. Yes, you can do that. For best results, don’t use that computer for ANYTHING else and have it’s screen save set to disabled. Although not as bad as it used to be, it used to be that anytime you did anything else on that computer, it would log you off.

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@K6CCC covered the Wyze Web View perfectly. :+1: It doesn’t matter which Cam Plus subscriptions the cams have, if they are assigned they will still be accessible thru the Web View.

On Cam Plus Unlimited… Some things you might want to think about.

I highly recommend only purchasing subscriptions direct from Wyze thru the services.wyze.com website. Not thru the App which will be sold by Apple or Google. Those become a nightmare to manage if something goes wrong.

I also only recommend upgrading subscriptions at the end of your current term. Depending on when you bought your current subscriptions, there is a very high probability that you will get no refund for any unused portion if you cancel early. Only the subscriptions that were bought a long time ago might still be eligible for pro-rated refunds depending on if Wyze has migrated them over to the new subscription platform or not. Newly purchased subscriptions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

When you do decide to flip the switch, buy the new subscription first, then unassign all cams from the old subscriptions in the app. Assign the cams over to the new subscription in the app and test them before canceling all your old subscriptions. You have to manually cancel and delete your old subscriptions thru the portal in which you bought them since they will auto renew if you don’t. (Wyze Web, Apple, Google)