Ordering on Wyze.com

I’m a newbie of course, while ordering I am able to see that cam plus or whatever, is pre-checked and added unless you uncheck it for a 30 day free trial. If I leave the trial checked for the amount of cameras I buy, can I update that free trial easily enough to the $99 annual unlimited cameras plan within that 30 days?

If I cancel and return the cameras does it really cancel online? Are credits for such returns fairly given and applied in a timely manner? I’ll post my cameras questions over in cameras. I’m used to another outfit who makes it difficult to cancel for retention purposes. And are very poky to issue return credits.

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I covered some of this in your other topic, but will address it here for others that may search the forum for the same questions.

Yes. So long as you are purchasing the cams and subscriptions from the Wyze Website and NOT thru the store within the Wyze App. Subscriptions purchased thru the store in the Wyze App are sold and serviced by the App Store for your respective OS (Apple or Google). Those are hard to manage so I always recommend purchasing from the Wyze Website Store: https://www.wyze.com/

Once subscriptions are purchased they are managed in your Account at services.wyze.com

Yes. Thru services.wyze.com, you can cancel subscriptions you do not want and add subscriptions you do want.

Returning the cams will not cancel the subscription. That must be done seperately since it is a seperate “purchase” item. There are no refunds for the cancellation of paid subscriptions. Wyze has a great return policy.

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Appreciate you with what are probably redundant questions on both posts.
Gives me a clue though as to whether folks are friendly here :wink:. I’d say they are. Thanks!

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Ordered an OG Via Wyze, but thru Prime to try out. No extras. No SD yet. No 30 day cam trial either. I’ll see if it fires up ok, stick it against a window with screen and single pane glass, and see what I see and go from there.

I can see using some in the basement indoors and in windows after tweaking settings etc. and out in the garage indoors. We’ll see. And go from there.

Without the 30 day trail and without an SD card in the camera you won’t have any event videos, maybe a still thumbnail photo of an event on the app events page. As a minimum you need an SD card for either event or continuous recording. You should purchase a good quality High Endurance SD card, brand and Card capacity of your choice.

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Thanks and agree. It’s my first Wyze and I’m just testing it. I have a 5 pack of 32gb SD on wait at Amazon.

If the OG does what I need it to do and it probably will, I’ll order a bunch more and cam plus annual. But I want to test it a bit, out windows, in the dark garage and basement, play with the app settings etc. To get a feel for what it’s capabilities are.

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I believe if you have more than 6 cameras, Cam Plus Unlimited is a more cost effective option.



I’ll have more than 6 if I get past the first test one ok. I appreciate the feedback and that’s where I’d be headed to purchase cam plus.

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Not recommended. Poor image quality.

Must disable the LED IR Light emitters and the status light. Those will wash out the image with the reflection in the glass. This means you will be limited to Color Night Vision only against glass unless you have an outdoor IR spotlight illuminating the FOV. Also, any backlight in the room will cause a washout reflection.

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Dark rooms, no backlight at night or rarely.
I saw some examples on here. Day pics were pretty good. Thanks and I am aware of the backlight IR having to be off. Extra vision, along side other brand outdoor cams. We’ll see, just testing feasibility.

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I got that Wyze OG today and as noted can’t do much without a subscription. If I knew for sure it was as easy as advertised to cancel online, I’d maybe try their free trial out for a little while. Can you confirm?

With my current monitoring for example, it’s not easy, you have to call and many folks, not all, are made to jump thru hoops to cancel, among other things… Partly cloudy to plain shady. IMHO.

Anyhow, it setup very easily, being unfamiliar with the app and all, I can play with live view. Looks good in daylight.

Put it in the basement overnight to try out darkness tonight. Play with available settings etc., And think about how I can use these or V3s around the other brand, being not wireless and powering not very easy for me currently.

Held it against a windows with screens, wasn’t terrible. Windows kits from Amazon may help.

If anyone reads this and uses it from inside looking out thru Windows, have you already tried the IR anti reflection film in any way? Worth trying? Or been there done that?