How to wire a 6 wire chime for doorbell

I have the wired doorbell and upgraded my transformer to a 16V. Tested the wiring and everything is working well.

When I follow the instructions to pair the front door and transformer, nothing continues to work. The rear doorbell does nothing and there are no lights on the Wyze unit at all.

The chime is similar to image 4b in this link

Any suggestions what to do with this?

I’ve already followed other topics and this one as well, but the unit is not loading. Could it be defective? 6 wire doorbell chime installation with Google Nest doorbell - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

Updating a resolution.
Moved the front door to the transformer (so the unit has power and using the chime) and voltage was proper. The unit itself was faulty and an exchange for a new one made it work right away.

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