How to use Wyze Outdoor Cam without a Base Station?

Hi there,
I have Wyze Outdoor Cam without a Base Station and wondering if there is any trick or hack in order to use it. I know it’s not designed for but make it hackable could be cool.


It requires a base station for set up, without it, you just have a paperweight. I don’t believe there’s any mods to allow it to work without one.

Thanks, let me cry 2 minutes before celebrating my paperweight.

Travel mode?

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I do not think i can use that because i have to setup it for the first time first!

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And another question: let say i buy just a station, can i use it with my Wyse Outdoor cam or they should come buy together?

Currently you cannot buy the base station separately, You can only buy one as a combo pack with the base station and one WCO.

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What if i found an unluky boy like me with one part (Base station) ? :grin:

Why do you have an outdoor cam without a Base station? Even if you found one the cam would likely be useless, as it sounds like it was probably never released from the original account.


Yes i found one, because i had a Wyse cam before when i sow this i said “youhoo another one!”, i did not know it’s not same.

Also, you can have 4 outdoor cams per base station. So, if you do buy a base/cam bundle, you can still use the one you have now, assuming it’s not registered to another base station already.

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Today you are lucky. I had a WOC fail under warranty a month or so ago. Wyze sent a bundle with a base station and outdoor camera.
The base station is sitting unused. $25.00 to my PayPal account and I will pay USPS Priority Mail shipping in the continental US.


Haha, Cool TomG i"ll keep it in mind, thanks.

Not sure if you still have the extra base station. If so, I am in a similar situation where I have a new WOC camera but no base and am interested. @TomG . Thanks

Yes. Send me a PM

I’m not sure if he ever messaged you but for the love of good of you still have this, can you help me out? I have been trying to get my pos Replaced or upgrade the software in it for 7 months. They promised to send a new one 3 months ago and still nothing. Every time I cash I get some idiot telling me someone will call me back. Until recently,… not it’s not under warranty. OMG.
4 camera and no base station. 7 months. I’m hot. Might be the end of Wyze For me.

So how can we do this whole thing with our a base station again?

Someone want to help me with this? B u I have 4 cameras and a pos base station that…. Not even starting. Anyway. I need to use these in which why I purchased all of them. B the base station isn’t working but cameras WERE tagged into it at one time. We have done a ton of zapping and stuff so I’m not sure if anything is still tied to anything. So any help us greatly appreciated

The base station has been sold.

Do you have a Home Depot? They sell these. Might get you back up sooner. If not Amazon sells them.

Wow… do you still have the base station?

sorery… didnt see that it has been sold