Cam Outdoor without WiFi

After a Wyze update my base station was gone and later replaced by Wyze.
Well nowI cannot use the 3 outdoor camera I have because they are connected to somebody else !!! After many tries I gave up and went to buy from another vendor.
Now I have those cameras and I was trying to use them as standalone without Wifi or connection to the base.

I inserted a 32G card in it.

I understand that I can use it like that but so far I only got one very quick picture.
Is there any setup to do or should I just forget about it and put the cameras in the garbage after I wonder why I bought one kit and 2 extra cameras.?

You need a base to use the WCO, If WYZE sent you a replacement base and it was already registered to someone else send it back to WYZE it is worthless. Call them tomorrow during business hours 206-339-9646. Have all your previous communications with Wyze available.

See if this will work:

Thank you.
Going to try this.