How to update chime firmware?

We recently purchased a Wyze wired video doorbell from Home Depot, it came with 1 wireless chime. Everything is working fine, so I purchased a 2nd wireless Wyze chime from Amazon to put in another part of the house. 2nd chime is paired and working correctly but I noticed the 2nd chime has newer firmware than the original chime that came with the doorbell. This wouldn’t bother me too much but the volume is drastically different on the 2 chimes, I’m wondering if the firmware has anything to do with this.

After installing the doorbell, the Wyze app (on Android) prompted me to update the Wyze firmware, so the doorbell firmware has been updated. However I can’t find any way to update the chime firmware.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to update the chime firmware, and if so, how?

I have never seen a Firmware Update for the Wyze Chime Accessory to the VDBv1. Mine is still on what looks to be the original

What are the two versions of the firmware you have on the chimes.

Have you tried to adjust the volume of the Tunes?

The chime that came with the doorbell is on The chime I just received from Amazon is on
The volume on the original is plenty loud on max volume level of 8, but interestingly enough the chime from Amazon (with higher lvl firmware) is extremely loud on volume level of only 1.

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Interesting. I was not aware there was a new firmware version for the chime. I’m going to do some inquiring and see what I can find. I want the new firmware too now!