Doorbell camera works but the chimes inside don’t

My chimes inside my house won’t work anymore

Which Wyze doorbell model are you using? Are you talking about the Wyze chimes or your legacy chimes? As much info you can provide will help with the troubleshooting process.

Wyler Doorbell. WYZE CHIME WDBC1.
When I increase the volume on chime the next time I check it’s back down to 0

Try deleting the chime accessory and re-add it to the camera.

I deleted and reinstalled. They still put the volume down to 0. I would think that I would need to select ENTER,UPDATE,SAVE or something after I adjust the volume

What actual firmware version is on the camera? What actual app version are you using?

Firmware Just updated app

Ok, thats the chime firmware, what’s the actual firmware version on the camera?

Depending on how old your app was then that could have caused some compatibility issue with saving the settings on the chime. What actual app version are you on now?

That is the current VDB1 firmware, so thats good.