Wyze Doorbell v2 - Camera as Chime no Customization

Hi there,

There are several bugs:

  • Beta app not able to connect any camera (OG/ v3 beta) as Chime. Screen pops up for half sec but returns back to Settings with ‘Fail’ message in bottom of screen.
  • With 2.50 app I was able to as OG as Chime however having there is no way to Customize volume(!) or change sound from ‘Clear Doorbell’
  • Neither public/beta camera firmware works
  • Cam V3 with beta firmware does not pops up as Chime (public or beta app)

Hope you fix this soon since we bought last month Doorbell + OG + 2x Cam Plus for a year because of this function. At this moment the Chime on OG is super quiet, would say useless.