How to turn off the siren? It goes off with every motion

We got our camera (Flood Light Pro) and set it up this evening. With every motion it detects, the flood light comes on brighter and the siren alarms. How can I turn this feature off??? We can’t use the front yard at all because of this. HELP!

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The brightness of the light when it is motion activated can be dimmed in the Floodlight Settings → Brightness

If you want the lights to only activate upon the identification of a moving person or a moving car (so that it activates much less often), in the Floodlight Settings → Activate When Camera Detects → Motion → Select Smart Detections and then choose Person and\or Vehicle. This will keep it from activating on every slightest movement.

Next, reduce the sensitivity to about 40 and then start nudging it up one point at a time until it gets too noisy. I have found that the FLP sensitivity is far more sensitive than the other cams.

The only way I know to get the siren to activate when it detects is thru a Rule in the app. Do you have a Rule set to activate the FLP siren when it detects motion? If you did not set up a rule, I would have to believe there may be a defect in the internal wiring that has tied the siren power to the lights.

Have you done a factory reset and reinstall?

Thank you for your help and reply.
There was a preset rule for the siren to activate with motion detection, but I “think” I disabled that rule. I have not tried to reset it, as it is dark now. I just turned off the cameras in the app for the night and will try a reset in the morning. Will follow up after doing that. I know in all the YouTube videos people are playing and walking, cars are coming and going, etc, and there’s no siren.
Thanks again for your help!!

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If you did activate the preset rule, just make sure to delete it. That may take care of the siren so you won’t need to do a reset and reinstall.

Good luck!

Good news!! Changed the rules in the app and it no longer alarms at every little motion. Whew! The kids are playing and dad is working on his truck, no problem.

Thanks for “chiming in” to help!

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WooHoo! :clap: Glad you found the solution!

If you are still interested in using a rule to sound the siren, you can still do that and restrict it to happen only during a specified time, like at night when there shouldn’t be anyone there. This is handled in the Time section. I would also recommend only triggering the siren when it detects a Person, not for the night critters.