Floodlight Pro lights being triggered by neighbours lights being turned on/off despite having smart detections enabled

I have a FLP that I have been having the same issue with since I set it up almost 3 weeks ago. I have it set to only activate the lights when a person is detected but it is being activated by motion as well (see the videos below). This seems to only be an issue at night (although I have set up to only turn on the lights from 6:30PM-7:30AM). It happens throughout the night. Its on the latest firmware v2.2.1.1083 (plugin version

I have tried factory resetting it twice but it doesn’t help. Is this a bug or is my FLP defective?

I have two videos demonstrating what is happening. I have smart detections enabled so the motion sensor should not be triggering the floodlights

video1 - Neighbours lights being turned on triggers motion sensor

video2 - Neighbours lights being turned off triggers motion sensor

Here are my settings

It is because of the sensitivity setting. 90 is far to high for a FLP.

Because of the way the onboard AI logic triggers the Lights and Motion Uploads at two different confidence levels, seemingly with a significant delta between them, both based on the single sensitivity setting, the FLP is has to be tuned differently than other cams.

What is happening at such a high sensitivity is that Onboard AI is activating the lights because it thinks it might have seen a person (low confidence threshold) but the Event Upload didn’t happen because it didn’t identify a person after the lights came on (high confidence threshold).

Start your sensitivity at 50 and slowly, over several nights, bring it up to where it starts falsely activating the lights but not uploading Person Detection Events Videos. Then, slowly back it down until it stops. That will be the sweet spot for your use case FOV.


I wonder if this humanoid-ish shape is being detected as a person:

Maybe not, since it’s not moving and I thought the FLPro was supposed to pay more attention to moving objects instead of stationary ones. But it were me, I would also do something to change this view so it doesn’t look like a body with shoulders/arms and a head on top in nightvision view.

It is most likely that the lights are activating per their confidence threshold as a hyperactive response to the high sensitivity and that there is no motion event upload or tagged Person event upload that would correspond to the light activation event since there was no actively moving AI object.

This is the same scenario I experienced when I had my FLP sensitivity set high and had a lengthy discussion with the PM about the logic of tying the light activation threshold and the AI upload threshold to the same sensitivity setting.