Floodlight turning off triggers motion / vehicle detection

At night, when the floodlight turns off (after a motion event) while facing the driveway (with cars in it), about 70% of the time it triggers a new vehicle motion detection (and turns on the floodlights for 30 seconds again).

This means that most of the time, it cycles 3 or 4 times before turning off for good (until the next time a train goes by, etc).

Any way to fix that? Maybe disable motion for x seconds when it turns off the floodlight?

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Sounds like it’s getting triggered by the camera motion, try blocking the road out with the detection zone and reducing camera sensitivity

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I see that you tagged this thread with Floodlight Pro.

Can you please confirm that this is the model you have as the settings are vastly different between the two. Thx!

It’s getting initially triggered by the motion, and that’s good

But then when the floodlight turns off, it triggers again immediately, flagging there very stationary car parked in the driveway as a moving vehicle, likely due to the lighting change. And that’s bad, because it then turns the food light back on, despite no actual movement

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Confirmed, this is a brand new floodlight pro

If you change the floodlight settings from Motion to Smart Detections, the floodlights should only be activating on actual moving people and \ or vehicles, not stationary ones. Regular motion shouldn’t activate the lights and stationary vehicles shouldn’t be activating them unless there is another moving person or vehicle in the frame.

If you still get the consecutive floodlight activations, you might want to reduce the motion detection sensitivity a bit.

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Confirmed, smart detection is already on, people and vehicles selected.

I’ll try turning the sensitivity down from 60 to 40, set of that improves it