Flood light and flood light pro, flood lights come on without events recorded

Flood light and flood light pro, flood lights come on without events recorded.

I’m trying to minimise the flood lights coming on at night. I can minimize the events recorded but the flood lights are still coming on with little motion. bug, wind, etc.

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I experienced the same on the Floodlight Pro and inquired. (Can’t help with the Floodlight V1 since that is a PIR sensor and I do not have one.)

It appears to be rooted in the onboard AI logic being used to activate the floodlights and also the onboard AI object detection.

I have learned that when the cam detects motion and interrogates the object using the onboard AI logic, the floodlight trigger is a much lower threshold than the AI Object detection. I don’t know what those values are, but an example might be that the floodlights come on if the AI is 50% sure it is an AI Object while the AI Tagging triggers if it is 75% sure.

I learned this is the case with the AI logic to insure that in low light situations, the floodlights were sure to come on before the the AI interrogation so that the cam has optimal lighting to make the AI Object tag accurately.

The reason the lights keep blinking on all night, uploading motion events, but not tagging them, is because the moving object that is setting off the floodlight never surpasses the AI Object tagging threshold in the onboard logic and the uploaded Motion Event is not found by the Server AI Bot to surpass its much more rigorous AI tagging threshold.

Solution: Turn down the sensitivity. I have found that any sensitivity above 45 starts to blink the lights regularly. Your FOV will determine your number. Start low and bump it up one every night until it gets annoying. Then back it down one until it is in the sweet spot.