How to Stop White Lines in Footage

My Cam OG’s have started having white streaks on the footage. There is nothing to the naked eye that should be causing a reflection, glare etc.

Cameras are mounted indoors with window mount & windows are clean inside & out. This white streak is visible whether lights are turned on indoors or not and is new. I’ve been using these cameras for a bit over a month now and the white streak on footage is brand new for about 5 days now. (Screen grabs from live feed.)

Is there a way to fix this? Not a big deal, just wondering why it’s occurring.

Do you have double pane windows? If so it could be light from your neighbor across the way refracting between the double panes creating white streaks.

No double paned windows, but that’s a great idea!

I’ll have t go outside to see if there are any new lights in the street coming off of houses. Thank you!

Here is an example of my light streaks. You can tell they are from the lights across my street.

Thank you Steven!

These streaks are new and appearing on the ground without new lights being installed by any of the neighbors/city and not visible to the naked eye (meaning I lights are on the ground and no changed lighting from a neighbor’s house since I first got these cameras and they did not have the white streaks occurring) so I was just trying to figure out what was causing the white streaking on the ground now.

I appreciate your help!

Are you talking about these streaks? (circled) Is the camera FLAT up against the glass or it is at an angle with any distance between the camera lense and the window glass?

My v3 cameras are mounted about .25 inch away from the glass on the inside of double pane windows (because I made my own mount attached to the window frame. This is why I believe I get my light streaks.

As a test, you might take your camera out of your mount and move it temporarily around your window glass area to see if your lines move or disappear.


Hi Omgitstony,

Yes. I’m talking about the light on the ground. Even though the white streak in the sky is also new, I just figured that one must be from a light. A few days after that appeared (in the sky) the white line on the ground appeared.

I’m using a window mount purchased from Wyze and have always used a window mount from Wyze, but the white streaks are new.

I imagine there is some space between the Wyze window mount and the window, however it has not previously produced the white streaks until recently where one white streak has appeared in the sky, and a few days later, that white streak on the ground.

I bet they are related, What does the full camera view look like? The two screen shots above look cropped or the camera was moved. What was different between the two screen shots above? the time stamps are not shown. Do you have a sd card in the camera? If so, scroll back to when they appeared, any clues there to what caused them?

I would give that a try. Or keep the camera in its mount, and you move around the camera, turn lights off or on etc to see if it effects the, what appears to be a reflection somehow.

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Had to wait until night to do a screen grab to show the white streaks. I’m posting two photos from tonight (two different angles) and the same angles on 1/20 with no white streaks on the sky or on the ground/coming from the fence where it looks like something is glowing. I even went over to that fence today to see if the neighbor had put something reflecting on his fence but there is nothing there. I’m stumped. Oh well.

Are you sure? Based on the status light Infinity reflection, it appears you have multiple pane windows. See:

You haven’t stated if you tried @StevenA recommendation from above, can you give it a try? This:

Before you full on do that, I would watch the live stream through the app, grab the camera in its mount and kind of wiggle it back and forth and watch the streaks and take note of what they do. Do they move? Do they give you clues as to what it is? I am fairly certain it’s a reflection of something, but still trying to figure out what it is.