Quality streaks after a couple days

After a couple days of use I get these white consistently on white streaks running vertically on just one of my cameras. Is this a defective camera or anything I can do before sending it back? Only happened on my first camera. Then I change the 380 to HD the lines get bigger… ahhhh helpUploading: 6617573C-790B-4D6B-8F15-8B9A699F1E93.png… Uploading: 99F80D7F-45FC-4C81-9AB0-5FAE6FFBAB8F.png…

For some reason your picture did not upload?

Thanks! I’ll try again!


are you seeing this in the live view? or playback of some sort?

This looks like a replacement case to me. Please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

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On the live view. I haven’t gotten the playback mode to work at all yet

Yes, definitely a defective camera. Get a replacement.