How to set rules for different light groups

When I create rules for one group they automatically change the rules for the second group. The groups are at different locations as well. Thanks

Welcome to the forums! what have you used for your rule actions? Can you post a screen shot of your rule? Make sure all actions are visible in the screen shot by scrolling down in the rule editor. When you say “change the rule for the second group”, do you mean change the settings (brightness/color/etc) for the second group?

Thanks for your quick reply. I have two homes connected to different wifis.
One home has 2 bulbs in a group with 2 rules. One for am and one for pm.
The second home has 4bulbs in a group also with two rules.
Problem is I want the schedules to be different and when I change one the second one gets changed too. What am I doing wrong. Thanks

Your screen capture only tells part of the story. You are not showing what the actions are that are supposed to take place when the schedule happens.

The times are set to on and off two different times of the day. So two rules. For each group. Problem is that when updating one group, the other group gets up dated as well.

So the earlier time is on and it turns off when the later time arrives.

That screenshot is for the group at one property. If I pulled up the group rules for the other property it would look exactly the same.

Again, you are not showing us anything but the trigger times. No information on what actions are supposed to happen.

Example. Here is one of my rules. you can see what day and time it takes place, what actions take place at the rule time.
You are showing none of that.

Sorry I don’t know how to screenshot that. When setting up the rules there is a DO plus sign to assign the actions. I assigned turn on to the earlier time and it knows to do the opposite for the later time within the same rule.

Ok here it is I think

You have been talking about groups, but I have to ask, are “Wyze Bulb 3” and “Wyze Bulb 4” individual bulbs or bulb groups? Those names sound more like individual bulbs.

Yes bulb 3 and 4 are individual bulbs in a group called sconces.

I don’t have any bulbs (but lots of cameras and outlets), so I kinda grasping here. Based on that screen capture, only those two bulbs should be affected. Would not matter if they are or are not in a group. Are the bulb names the same between the two locations? I would not think that would matter, but I’m making an educated guess.

I have another group called All Lights at my other house and there are four wyze bulbs in different lamps.
The group there needs a different on/ off schedule but if I change it, the sconces schedule changes too.
Hope you can help but I need to sign off for today.
Thanks for chatting and I hope we can pick it up when you are available. Let me know.

I have no experience with bulbs and bulb groups, so likely someone else will have to jump in here.

Looking for specific info now.

What are the bulb names at location A?

What are the bulb names at location B?

What bulbs are in each group, and the group names?

What specific bulbs/groups come on at the WRONG time?

Screen shots of all rules (with ALL actions shown on each rule)?

Thanks to @K6CCC for poping in and helping out! I have tons of bulbs in groups and use rules for bulbs/bulb groups so i just need specific info and can hopefully figue this out.