I have two questions:

  1. Can a schedule be set differently for each light? Right now the settings
    Only work for all lights.
  2. Can a schedule be set for multiple intervals rather just an on and off. I am looking to turn on and off multiple times during the day.

Thank you

Are you using rules for the schedule? You should be able to do all that with rules.

Yes, you can have different schedules for different lights, but it requires separate rules for each light.

Yes, but you need separate rules for the various times. You cannot set one rule to turn the lights on and off multiple times.

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Thank you. I must be doing something wrong; When I try to schedule a different time for a individual light, it updates all the lights with that schedule.

I’ll have to give this a look. I only have one pair of bulbs in a group so I’ll test to see if I have any problems scheduling just one.

Tested scheduling individual bulbs in my group and the worked separately. Just be sure when you create your rule you select the individual bulbs and not the group.

Are the lights in a group? If they are and you select the group for schedules it will apply to all lights. you need to set the schedule and / or Rules per bulb.

Can you post an image of what you have currently?

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I don’t believe they are in a group. I did not create a group and I don’t see a label as a group. They were all installed on the same day one at a time … not all at once. Each light is listed separately on the home page. With your question I went in again to see if they were grouped, I changed 1 light rule to go on a 6pm today and off at 630pm today. When I went into the other lights (3) they all had the same 6 to 630 rule. Sorry I am on a PC and can’t send a screen shot. Thank you for your help.

Hmmm. I tried again. How do I know if they are grouped or not. Thank you

Like this:


Thank you. It worked. You have been very helpful. Tks!!!