Group scheduling of plugs

I just installed 9 plugs (2021 version) for 9 lamps. I placed them in a group and thought that I could just create one on/off for the entire group but they did not turn off at 1am as scheduled. I’ve since scheduled on/off for all nine individually but continued to keep them in a a group in case I want to manually turn them all on/off. Is there no way to create just one on/off schedule so I can adjust the times as DST comes around and the need for lighting moves to later in the day?

Welcome to the forums! It should work if you added the group to the scheduled rule. What were all the settings of the rule you made? Did you let the start time happen? Say if i create a rule now at 10:48 to turn a plug oon from 10 to 12, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow at 10 for it to turn on.

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