Plugs have the same schedules

Got two plugs and was able to set them up properly, each on its own schedule.

Then I made the mistake of grouping them, and right away, both plugs started having identical schedules. No matter what I do nothing fixes the problem. I even deleted and reset them. As soon as I set up the second of two plugs, the new (2nd) plug exhibits the same schedule as the first.

I searched and found this thread:

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, and it doesn’t work now. Keep in mind that these plugs worked before, until grouped. The I deleted all groupings to see if that’s the problem. Didn’t work.

On top of the bad user interface for plugs, this is just a very bad bug that should have been caught during testing. It’s so bad, I had to re-install my old smart (diff brand) plugs. Was hoping to remove an extra app from my device.

When I tested that out it worked with the plugs, now I don’t remember if I had them grouped at the time or not. Presently I don’t have any schedules set for my plugs
Later I was trying to test the same thing with bulbs and it didn’t work.
The scheduling obviously has problems hopefully it will be better with the new beta app that released today

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Oh wow, after further testing, this is a display bug.

What you see in the schedules display, is the list of schedules for ALL switches. In other words, each individual plug schedule is still intact. It’s just that it doesn’t say which item belongs to which plug!

C’mon Wyze. It’s bad enough that the user has to do the testing for your app. That we have to buy in (pay for the product) to do your (testing) job, is not good.

Edit - Note this bug only appears when you group plugs.

The grouping issue applies to ‘vacation’ mode with the plugs as well.

I have 4 plugs and when they are all set to vacation mode (the only reason I bought them) they work fine - randomly turning on/off individually within the vacation time frames. If I group the plugs they all turn on/off simultaneously as a group versus individually. Pretty much useless to emulate someone being home. :frowning_face:

Fortunately I can ungroup them and get the proper functionality but it makes the app screen a lot busier than it needs to be.

Yet another example of poor testing methodology within the development team.