New groups for schedule

Now that we can create multiple schedules, I want to set schedules for certain cameras. I have multiple groups in my app, for different locations. One location is my home. Is there a way to create a schedule that will just use a few cameras? I don’t want all cameras, just ones that are looking at entrances, to notify me. I know I can create individual schedules, just wondering if there is a way to create one schedule that contains multiple cameras, but not all in a group.

in the latest update we lost the ability to have one trigger for multiple devices. Wyze is aware of the issue and is working on getting it fixed, but there is no ETA currently


Thanks, I was wondering why now I have to create a schedule for each individual device instead of being able to select multiples (like bulbs) to come on at the same time each day.
Also, has anyone complaint that when you create a schedule based on time and try to add the END TIME, the end time cannot be pass midnight, so I can’t have one of my bulbs come on at 7pm and shut off at 5am

yes, also something that has been brought up to Wyze. currently anything past midnight is registered as earlier then the start time. so 2 rules would be needed, one for on and one for off.

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Yes, bring back the ability to add multiple devices to a schedule without having the need to create groups.