New Schedule Option Restricted?

With new IOS 2.5.45, when creating a new schedule, it looks like I can only select one device, previous versions allow multiple devices. Am I missing something.

Nope, you right, and it has been brought up. I had to scroll down to the bottom of the list to see my already created group and select that. Ex: No way to schedule multiple bulbs that aren’t grouped together, has to either be bulb 1, or bulb 1,2,3 which are group 1. No way to schedule only bulb 1 and 3 without making another schedule.

Combine with the inability of providing a meaningful name for the schedule and the inability to include same devices in different groups, I am not liking this new schedule.

My old shortcut prior to this new release was converted to a schedule and still has all my cameras listed in there. I wonder if this is a problem or an unwelcome enhancement :neutral_face:

Not happy

Shaken, and really stirred