Ability to create multiple time schedules

Ability to create multiple time schedules would be extremely useful… I’d like to keep my camera on for the majority of the day but it goes off over and over while I’m getting ready in the morning and walking by it… to not have to turn it on and off for that 35 minutes would be so much easier.

You can make multiple schedules using the Rules feature. Please look up “rules” in the Support Site


I received an email from your support staff today saying that that isn’t possible and that it’s not on the list… I went into the rules area of the app and I don’t see an option. Attached is the email from your colleague.

Sure it is. Just set a scheduled rule that turns off the camera at xx time. Then add an end time. Done.

You can also add an on-the-fly shortcut that you can press to turn on or off the camera if you are outside those hours.

I’d also like to add that neither Loki, nor any Maven, is a Wyze employee. This is a user-to-user forum, including the mods and mavens.


Hi Nikki,

What the support rep is saying is that it’s not possible in the schedule settings inside the single camera’s setting section. But as @Newshound indicates, it is possible using the Rules feature.

You can make a Rule Schedule to turn the camera or notifications or event recording on at a time and off at another time. Then you can make a 2nd Schedule Rule for another time period.

In the app’s home screen, tap the three dot (…) icon top right, then Add/Edit Rules. Then click the plus sign (+) and Schedule in the subsequent Create Rule screen.

Here’s a link to the support help for Rules: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029779552-How-to-Use-Rules. (Disclaimer: the support site is under revision, so this link may not work for very long.)

Let us know if that helps.


Thank you, I will go in and check this out… It’s clear that the support rep needs more training…

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I am actually a Wyze employee. Thank you for the screenshot. I’ll share this with the team so we can improve our support. :slight_smile:

Thank you for fielding this, @Loki and @Newshound!