Programmable on and off timer in the app

We really want to be able to set our different cameras to turn on and off on a schedule. Like one of them on every night at 5 pm on and off at 10 am, another one on only when we’re home, etc.

This feature is actually very important for many reasons, the least of which is saving TONS of bandwidth and space for videos we don’t need when the camera doesn’t need to be on.

The ability to do this in your app, or in Apple’s HomeKit is something we’d like to see ASAP.

Thank you!

[Mod Edit]: Your Post was moved to this category because your request is already implemented in the Wyze App

Hi @Moonbird,
This ability is already in the Wyze app.
You can create a Schedule Rule to turn your cams on or off at your desired times.
From the App Home screen:
Pencil Icon (upper right corner)/ Edit Rules (popup menu)/cCreate Rule ( ‘+’ sign upper right corner)/Schedule (popup menu). Under the Screen for Device Actions select the device or group you want to control.

Then In the next two screens select the action and times you want to have them occur:

Oh, awesome! Thank you so much!!!

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