Scheduled On/Off Times Not Working

I have three V3 cams in a group with a rule that schedules them to go on and off at a certain time. The rule did work at one time but now it doesn’t. The cameras have a good connection and can manually be turned on and off with no problem. Both my iPhone and the Wyze app are at the latest software versions.
Any idea what might be going on here?

Welcome to the Wyze community Lawren5. :+1:

Your Rule’s actions turns cams on at 11PM and immediately turns them back off. You need to remove the 3 “Turn off” actions. The turn off action is already implied by your End Time (6:30AM) setting.

Don’t forget to hit “Save” after modifying the Rule.


Thanks Seapup for your explanation. That solved the problem.


You’re very welcome. :+1: