Is there a way to set up Wyze cam turn on & off at a certain time of the day?

We want to install a Wyze cam pan in my kitchen. We only want it turn on when we are at work like from 7 AM to 4:30 PM. We want it to turn off when we are home. Is there a way to set up Wyze cam to turn on & off at a certain time of the day? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks,

You can create a rule with the plus sign on the upper left of the home screen. Then go to schedule, pick your product, select action “turn on camera”, select the start time, pick the days, then save, it. To turn it off you need to create another rule in the same way.

Hi @bpyoungtx. I think that when you create a rule, select schedule, select the camera of your choice, and select turn off, it will turn the camera off at the time of your choosing. You can do the same thing to have it turn off.

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Thanks. I appreciated it.

Thank you.

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Use a smart plug to power it on/off. Turning a cam off in the app is not really turning it “off”.



Dec 2020

Can setup rule to turn off camera at certain time but I find no way to turn it back on. Attempt to set up second rule to turn back on refuses to save - with error message “Conflicting actions exist !!”
How to turn on camera between given times and off at other times of day?

Set the rule with a beginning and end time with only one action–turn the camera on or off. The alternate action will take place after the end time.

Let it be known if the camera is “off” within the app and then power cycled, it will remain “off” within the app when it boots up, but will start recording to the uSD card. To resolve this, simply turn the camera on then off again after a power cycle. I am 100% certain it does this with v3 cams and has for well over a year. I’m not sure if this same thing holds true with the older v1 [Which does not work properly anyway per a thread here in the forums that has been going on for months; yet they are still officially supported.] and v2s.