Scheduled off / on

I like the option to schedule when recordings happen, but outside that time, my Wyze Cam Pan still goes crazy tracking motion. It would be wonderful if I could schedule an off / on.

That capability already exists. See the Shortcuts section on this page (link below). Also, a smart plug option is a good way to perform this action if you want the camera completely powered off during certain times. Wyze is also coming out with a smart plug.


Thanks (Wesley), did not know that about the shortcuts or automation.

My pleasure! :slight_smile:

I’m having issues with creating the schedule for the “automations”. No matter what day it the week I press it doesn’t stay. Example: I’ll make my selection of Monday to Friday and I save it. Then after saving, it adds in and removes random days I didn’t select. I tried this over and over and the days I want never stay. So I basically ended up setting the automation to every day and manually turn off on weekends. I have the latest update so I know that’s not the issue. Not sure if anyone else has that problem.