Trying to 'Shedule Recording' and it only lets me create 1 schedule to run on all 4 of my cameras

I am trying to create different recording schedules, but my brand-new cameras and hub only allows 1 schedule to be made. It would be nice if all 4 of the cameras had the ability to run individual schedules for recording time-lapse or motion.

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The ability to to run individual schedules for your cameras already exists within the app.
From the individual cameras main screen, tap the More icon (3 Dots on the right), then select Time Lapse in the popup menu. It will offer you selections for Start & Stop times and interval time.



I spent an hour with Wyze online chat going over this and sending numerous screenshots. When I set a single camera to record motion events, all the other 3 cameras all show and run the same schedule.

How did you set the schedule? Via the Rules Engine? If you post a picture of the Rule, I will replicate it and see if the same thing happens on mine.

Also, can you post the following:

  • Which Device is being used
  • the App Version
  • Camera Types involved
  • Firmware version of those camera’s as wel
  • Are the Cameras grouped in the app

I am a community member as you are but has opted in to Beta Testing the App and Firmware. So I will test on the latest Beta Releases.


I did find the rules engine but I haven’t tried to use that yet.

The only work around I have found is to have 3 of the 4 cameras off when I set a schedule. Then it seems the schedule is only associated with that single camera. Then I go and turn on the next camera and do the same thing.

It’s really weird why it’s acting funny.

Good day,

I’m running firmware version on my Wyze Cam Outdoor.

My Android phone plug-in version is

The cameras are not grouped in the application.

thanks, will see if I can replicate

Thanks for your reply and the extra info. My Android device is out at the moment but I think @spamoni4 will be able to help you.
Just as a suggestion, in future posts it really is useful to include device and app info with your initial post. Helps everyone know better how to answer.

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Thank you. I would have included that for troubleshooting but the Wyze tech discussed my issue with his peers and they told me to put it down as a wish list item. I was not aware that it worked for others and just not me.

Lets clarify a few things so that I can see if I can provide the correct solution. Based in what I read, you are using the Battery Powered Outdoor Cam, correct? The following applies to other camera’s as well.

Assuming 2 camera’s for now. you want to have a schedule to turn on recording inly during certain hours for camera 1 and then turn it off, then recording for the second camera at a different time. If this is the case, do you really want the events to be limited in the recordings or the Notifications to be limited? This will allow me to look at a rule to provide what you are looking for.

to see what Rules can do go to the app and then…

Click on the + or Pencil where Arrows are pointing

If + is selected you will be presented with this screen, select Add Rule

If Pencil is selected, you will be presented with this screen.  Select Edit Rules

When Edit is selected, you will see any rules you have setup, click on the + in the top Right

This is the screen you will be presented with when selecting a Rule.

In your case, select Schedule

From there you will be presented with a Create Rule Screen.

Select the options you would like.

If your simply want notification to be turned on for a period of time, check the Turn Notification On and save. If you want it to do Motion Detection during that time, then Select Turn on Motion Detection.

Remember, to ensure the default setting is off for these if this is what you are looking for.

Note: if you are using the V3, V2 or Pan Cam, you can add an SD Card and set it for continuous recording or event recording. Then you can reference the playback option within the app to see what is going on at any time of the day or night. You have no limitation to recording length or cool down if you don’t have a CamPlus subscription.

Please let me know if this helps and provide more detail as to what you would like to do.

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I have 4 outdoor cameras. I want to be able to set them for motion recording all at separate times. I want notifications as well.

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I think this can be accomplished via the rule mentioned above. Setup 4 different rules with the designated time. On each camera use the “Turn on motion detection option”.

So basically, I would do this:

  1. Set Motion detection off by default. This will cause the camera’s to function for live streaming but no motion detection will be triggered at all and therefore no notification either during this period. This is done by live streaming the camera, tap on event recording and turn off Detects motion.

  2. Follow the steps above to create a Scheduled Rule. In the rule, give it a name, Start end Time, Days of the week and the action. Do this for one of your Cameras and see if it fits what you are looking for. If it does replicate it. If it does not, let me know and I will see if I can come up with an alternative. Notification will be provided as this is something that should be set by default. If this is not the case for you, simply click the plus sign to the right of Add Action and add the “Turn on Notifications” as well.

Here is a sample:


That worked! Thank you for all your help.