Wyze Smart Bulb Rules

Thanks for your paitence with my newness to the Wyze family. Wondering if in my Group of 4 Smart Bulbs I can post On and OFF schedules that differ ?


Bulb 1- On 5 min before Sunset, OFF 59 min before Sunrise
Bulbs 2,3 and 4 - ON 10 min before Sunset, OFF 10:30pm

When selecting a device to use in a rule, you should he able to select either a group or an individual device.

This is the rule I’m planning to use for the situation noted above. Tlhutch4

That rule will turn on all the bulbs at the same time. You’ll need two rules if you want differing times for on/off.


If you only want the screenshoted rule to turn on one bulb “g1”, remove the “garden group” as all those will turn on at that time also.

As stated, this would require two separate rules. Here is an example using your list above just to substitute my dining room bulbs for your G1, G2 etc.