Plug rules

I have two wise plugs labeled one and two. I have three rules one for all day lighting another for evening lighting and another for morning lighting I want one plug to operate all day long and the other plug to follow the morning and evening rules but every time I change one plug both plugs change what’s going on?

Do you have the plugs in a ‘group’? I found that group rules take precedence over individual plug rules. :unamused:


I found the problem
I thought I had assigned the rule to the correct plug as I have three rules
In the pic I circle the line that made a difference and had I noticed it before I would have solved the problem
Just assumed when you logged into settings for a device the rules only applied to that device. And you could turn them on and off as they applied to that device
I am sorted now


Could not add a pic but second line down after the on off switch in a rule window

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I’m glad you were able to solve your issue!