Two schedule rules for one group didn’t work

I have 5 Wyze plugs in use. Most are used to turn off and on devices during the hours my electricity is more expensive (time of use or TOU). The times differ on weekdays and weekends so I created a weekday rule to turn off the TOU group from 10:00 to 21:00 and another to turn off from 17:00 to 20:00. The weekday schedule rule has been working great. So I was surprised to find at 18:20 today (Saturday) the TOU devices were on. Why was the second rule ignored? Are you only allowed one rule targeting a group? The rule is enabled and Saturday and Sunday are both checked. What stopped it from working?

Have you tried turning the Rules off and on? Yeah, stereotypical IT support but that might work.

I’ve been having a lot of issues lately. Hmm, since the Wyze Band came out. Wonder if that “broke” something.

Have you watched Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? They had some interesting issues that this reminds me of. Cute show.

I’m guessing it will take me several hours to troubleshoot my devices. I’m wondering if the more expensive stuff is any more reliable. I doubt it and Wyze products get generally great reviews.

Or it could be related to this issue…

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I have 3 cameras in the backyard - I created group called “Backyard” and added 3 camera’s to this group. Then setup a rule for it to turn on at 6PM and turn off at 8AM but this rule fails with error message Timeout. (Screenshot attached).