Allow Overnight (Next Day) Schedule Times For Rules

Hey, very late setting up Wyze Sense having sat on it for a few months. Setting up the motion sensor and configuring some scheduled times for rules. While doing so I wanted to set notifications to be on overnight, essentially from a PM time to an AM time. However the rules engine doesn’t allow this. To achieve the desired outcome I’ve had to set two rules, for notifications to be on from PM to midnight, then from midnight to AM time. Would be great to allow setting from a PM to AM time and to have the intelligence to assume that spans two dates :slight_smile: Thanks!

When trying to create a schedule for my Wyze bulbs, I noticed that you cannot set an end time if it lands on the next day.

i.e. Start time 5PM and end time is 3AM (next day).

It would be great if I could set the end time to an earlier time the next day OR set a start time and then set the number of hours and minutes I want it to stay on.

i.e. Start time 5PM and run time is 9 hours and 30 minutes.

When Scheduling an event recording that goes before and after midnight the system automatically assumes to go to next day (i.e. record from 11pm through 3am - records as “until 3am next day”).
Rules cannot be scheduled past midnight like this, We need two rules, one from 11pm to 12am and another one from 12am to 3 am.
I wish rules scheduling could operate the same way that Event Recording does.

Seems like such basic functionality that was overlooked.

We are working on this now. Sorry about the inconvenience, folks!


The app won’t let me create a rule to turn on a light at 945PM and have it turn off at 1215AM the next day

that’s correct. Wyze is aware of this issue and is currently working on it.

the way you can get around this issue is to make 2 separate rules. for example if you are working with a light and you want it to turn on at 945. make one rule for it to turn on. then make a separate rule to turn off the bulb at 1215. they will run independent of each other and although its more work, they will run more consistently and it would take two errors to mess up two rules, instead of just one.


That was what I ended up doing. Thanks.

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This is what I stated in an earlier post about Wyze Cam. They don’t seem to test these “roll-outs” before, well, “rolling” them out. How can you not know that a basic function of a “security camera” is to “secure” an area AFTER HOURS, which would include an evening start time of the previous day to an end time of the FOLLOWING DAY? Seriously!? Whose coding these so called Wyze Cams anyway? The four I bought, less than a year ago, are all pretty much malfunctioning in one respect or another. These aren’t a WYZE long term investment…

you are correct on that. but these are not security cameras and they have a full disclaimer stating they aren’t. as with the scheduling issue. sometimes its the simpliest things that slip by. how many times have you lost something only to find it “hiding” in plain sight :slight_smile:
I do that with my sunglasses way too often.

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I want to only turn on notifications from 10pm to 6am next day but when I try that, the rule says ‘The start time must be earlier than the end time’. Can you please advise.

Hi @danglesg,
This is a known issue that they are working on, one option to get it going for you until it is fixed properly is to set 2 different rules… one on at 10pm and one off at 6am


Thanks, @steve4335. I’ll give it a try.

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The security camera issue has been mentioned so I’m deleting the contents of this post… they aren’t security cameras…

Then what’s the point?